First YOUNG DAVID release (Sep 2008): Deep Contact, Duh, The Feeling (ft Lars Ã…hlund) and FuJi. Sent a demo to Paddy at Universal Vibes because I liked his radio show (still do).

“What I imagine the world would sound like if you were reincarnated as a goldfish in a particularly groovy bowl.”

“Some seriously lovely little builds and keyboard fills… and when it lifts off it sounds like a plane taking off in the distance. A plane going somewhere nice…”
– Bill Brewster on ‘Deep Contact’, IDJ


The Ditch rmx

As in Shoreditch I think. The first YOUNG DAVID remix (Nov 2007). Prima Donna emailed it to her database of 150 more or less randomly selected house labels, and we had a few offers, including one from Dave Seaman’s Audio Therapy label. “We never sign tracks through an email demo,” they said.


Hello again

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